8 Tips for Choosing Classic Shoes

1. Go shopping for shoes after you have walked around outdoors a little bit. As a rule, feet tend to swell after that. This way a more realistic measurement can be got.

2. Use special tables that show measures conversions for your sex and the country of origin. Some clients tend to forget about the differences in sizes depending on a state.

3. It is a well-known fact, that almost each person has one foot bigger than the other. Most of the time it’s the right one. So, you are advised to fit the footwear to the larger foot. Do not count on the shoes size that you wear! Sometimes the numeric size won’t be enough for you to match a new pair of footwear.

4. There should be a half-inch of space between the shoes and your toes’ tips. In case your chosen classic shoes have pointed toes, make sure that you’ve got enough expansion for toes to move in a comfortable way. Footwear should not ever be tight! Moreover, be certain that you can stick the index finger in the rear side for flexibility!

5. If you consider purchasing shoes of the oxford-style, be sure that while lacing up the shoes, their two edges do not meet! Otherwise, they will be to tight for you. So, if you can do it, probably a narrower size will be a better option.



6. Get yourself shoes made of genuine leather. Despite the obvious fact, that they are more expensive, as they are porous, leather is the best material for the comfort and health of feet! This type of footwear will enable your feet breathe not letting bacteria appear.

7. Footwear should suit you right from the very start of putting it on. Never accept such phrases (misconceptions) – “When you break the shoes, they will be alright”. The materials used in today’s fashion as a rule do not stretch much. However, leather shoes adapt to one’s foot shape well.   

8. When you go shopping for classic shoes, put on the same kind of socks you use with the sports or dress footwear. Too thin or too heavy socks may screw the fit.


So, if you follow these tips carefully, the choice of classic shoes will be made in a wise way. Also, never stop searching for other professional tips that you can find in our blog as well. Experiments will be to the point too!

The next time, when you put on a new pair of classic shoes, take a close look at what you wear. Ask yourself, if the pair of shoes has a decent quality. Is it an appropriate option for the occasion? Have you already scuffed it up? Does it need shining or repairing? Does it fit the pants or suit you wear?

Remember, that your shoes will create or break any appearance. So, it is only you who can do all the best to look neat and stylish in your new bought classic shoes!