Choosing shoes for the pants you wear

Picking right footwear is not always enough, even in our store with a big variety of options. The next thing is to consider getting a proper pair for the style of pants you wear! Sometimes, you don’t have a lot of time to think this question over! And it’s absolutely normal. Further you’ll find out some useful and powerful recommendations to pick right shoes for your any kind of your trousers. So, let’s begin right away!    

Slim-Cut Jeans 

A pair of jeans will always match any sneakers, that don’t have a big ankle or midfoot. However, if you desire to look more aggressive in comparison with others, so think of swapping a pair of Chelsea boots or other footwear of a casual style. Primarily, jeans were designed to adjust to any footwear, though you should make your choice sanely. Oxford shoes will not definitely match your even best jeans. It is just a style break.  


Supposing, you have nice dappled trousers. What is your option to choose from in this case? Stylish brogues will definitely make a great pair with them! Only if they are not a part of a full-on formal suit. However, you may want to put on your trousers for days-off and active rest, for example. So, you are highly recommended to wear some simple and minimalist sneakers with these trousers. But if you desire to look absolutely weird, so running shoes will get it done. As you see – it’s entirely up to you – what footwear to put on with trousers! 



Such charming and practical cotton pants bring call to memory Princeton mixers. Frankly, you won’t be wrong giving in to the old-fashioned vibes with some penny loafers. In case it is a hot summer day, consider getting yourself a pair of quality canvas sneakers. On the contrary, when the weather becomes colder, you may need to buy something firmer. In our store you can choose from a good collection of lace-up boots – and the last combination will undoubtedly give you a mountaineer feel.        

Track Pants and Sweats


Obviously, it is not so easy to style trackpants or sweatpants, as actual variants to match them are really limited. So, any kind of sneakers are an excellent choice. The latter should be modern, convenient and sometimes even flex. If you desire to give something special a try, a pair of decent boots can look somewhat senseless with track pants. The reccomendation is – try to stick to a particular style and lean towards putting on quality sneakers rather than dress footwear.       


This type of clothes undoubtedly deserves only prestigious and catchy dress shoes. It is high time you broke out the most sophisticated wingtip brogues and something that is less formal – cap-toe oxfords. If you desire to boast with GQ editor side, purchase a pair of slip-on loafers. As for the latter type of footwear, you are highly recommended to pick classic shoes with leather.     

As you see, it is not so difficult to make a right and appropriate decision – what footwear to choose in order to match the style of your pants! Just take the first step towards a better appearance of yours today!