Black or Brown Shoes?

The answer to this question should be rather evident if your clothes call for brown wingtips or stylish black which are a model to emulate. However, when you see in this or that store really similar or almost identical classic footwear in both brown and black, the process of picking the best option can be a little tricky.

To tell you the truth, in the article you will not probably find hardline rules for such a hard choice. Actually, you should ask yourself several important questions and then of course trust your own inner voice. So, let’s see, what you can do!    

Begin with your outfit’s color

No doubt, if earth tones of clothes prevail in your case, brown shoes will match them very well. On the other hand, black footwear will look fantastic with sporty colors. Navy shades can be applicable for both variants. Whether your trousers are brown or black – it is not hard at all to pick the corresponding color shoes.

Though, many celebrities, such as David Beckham proves, that exception always exist. Sometimes, it is much easier just to analyze what other people wear these days – blogs about street style will definitely stand you in good stead!   

See about other details of your style

Firstly, it is important to remember that your belt and footwear should certainly match each other. Treat them as a set when you finalize your appearance. As for other make-ups, they don’t have to necessarily fall in line. However, if the latter feels of one mood, this will give you a clear response. For instance, the backpack that you utilize for going to the gym, will match your black espadrilles than any brown top-siders.     

Think about the drive you are walking for

The black color is thought to be more tough-guy and serious than brown. And it can be a good or not so good thing – everything is up to your mood. For instance, a pair of brown boots tends to be less aggressive than a pair of black docs. This, you may want to pick the latter to put on for a date, while the former – for a drive to a bar. So, you are advised to think carefully about the style your shoes belong to and then analyze if the rest part of your clothes correspond to this style.

Return to the choice of the footwear.

Is one pair shiny and the other matte? Which one is up-to-date and fashionable whereas the other has a classic detailing? Frankly, these very subtle differences will eventually give you a gut feeling that works as the ultimate advisor! No doubt! However, you should not forget that this process of choosing shoes does not require any applying lots of strengths. Just do not make yourself decide straight away. Give you some time to think it over!