Five Things To Look For In A Minimal Shoe

Many people around the world are really obsessed with the idea how to choose minimal shoes. They are constantly swapping information on sales, experiences, tips and brands’ names. Soon they start to realize, that is not a fast thing to do. 

Picking minimal shoes is an important decision from the point of view of health, as your capability to have healthy tootsies entirely depends on what you wear. That’s why I decided to write the following article to cover the topic.  

Five Things To Search For In Minimal Shoes

It goes without saying, the more footwear allows the feet to move in a natural way, the better it will feel. It means, that this will let your feet do all kinds of movements that it was designed to. Consider the following points in picking right minimal shoes.

#1 Are Your Heels High Enough?

Ask yourself if the heel is raised enough above your toes? Remember, that any degree of heel raise will mess your body’s alignment. Do you feel any back pain? The conclusion is the most natural choice is zero-drop heel.

#2 Are Your Soles Elastic?

Are your soles stiff enough? Those soles that are not flexible prevent feet from articulating while walking over bumps. It means, that your joints stiffen and small feet muscles atrophy. Conversely, an elastic sole of a minimal size can allow you to move naturally on the ground’s surface. Your shoes should be double bent entirely without any efforts.

#3 Is Enough Space Left For Your Toes?

Actually, the majority of all shoes in North America are not shaped like feet. It implies, that the toes are bound to be broader than your foot’s ball. Squashed toes is a huge cause of nerve issues and bunions. The “toe-box” is the part of the footwear around the toes. And you definitely want to have a nice and a wide variant, that will give you enough space for the toes to spread while standing.

#4 Is Your Shoe Fully Attached To The Foot?

The advice is to search for the footwear that is securely fastened to the feet. If you cannot stick the shoes to your feet properly (think slides, flip-flops and similar styles), it means that the toe muscles have to do the double work to grip your footwear.

Though utilizing more muscles may sound like a benefit, regretfully it is not the kind of muscle use that we look for. This type only creates injuries, tension and strains. Thus, buy footwear which attaches by itself! There shouldn’t be toe gripping.      

#5 Do Your Toes Lie Level?

Do you really know how much footwear curves up at the toes? Such kind of feature is called “toe spring”. That is a weird addition to shoes by those who seem to have considered that toes fly in the air. It causes hammertoes and in length of time may really mess the foot mechanics. Search for a shoe which is either entirely flat, or has got a flexible sole, which flattens effortlessly at the toes while standing.

The idea is – the perfect minimal footwear is the one that has the minimal interference with your feet natural mechanics. It should have your foot’s shape, be flexible and have no changes in the highness at the heel or the toe and be solidly attached.

Still, you have spent a great deal of time in regular footwear. At this very moment, they are accustomed to the most frequently worn shoes of yours. The body adapts very fast; however, you have to work until it changes. Do not try to go too quickly as it can cause injuries and damage instead pain-free and healthy feet you want!