General Shoes Care Tips

In spite of the fact, that the development of the shoes industry has moved a long way forward over the last years, on thing that hasn’t altered much is the that any pair of footwear requires sufficient care in order to keep it in good shape.


Nowadays, there are numerous kinds of footwear – from canvas to leather and lots of variations in between. Also, it should be considered, that each type of shoes requires special and unique care.

In this short article below we will give just general tips about what shouldn’t be done while caring for your footwear. Later, in other articles we will highlight somr definite techniques and tools how to do it professionally with each type of shoes.

So, if you really desire to make you shoes outlast you, first read what to do and NOT to do to footwear in general.

Tip #1. Avoid washing shoes: Actually, this recommendation contradicts to popular belief. However, you should remember, that a washing machine is the enemy for any kind of mesh or canvas shoes! Even easy rotations can do damage to the glue which keeps your footwear together. As a result, the soles may eventually become more worn down.  

Tip #2. Give your shoes an access to the air: As well as our skin, any type of footwear requires enough airflow so that it can breathe. Do not ever leave shoes in a plastic bag!

Tip #3. Do not overwear your shoes: Putting on the same and only pair of footwear can bring an irreversible damage to its structure. In this case, other tips on how to clean it won’t help at all. Swap your shoes rather often.   

Tip #4. Your feet should be dry: Make sure you have dried your feet before putting on the footwear. The reason is – damp feet can become a cause of a great deal of health problems. Moreover, shoes can get moldy.  

Tip #5. Getting rid of stains: Do not forget to wipe off liquids and mud from your shoes’ surface asap. Especially, it is subject to leather ones: stains may be left if it’s not done.

Tip #6. Do not use the heater: One of the possible solutions to dry your footwear is to use a hairdryer after having stretched it out. However, if you desire to preserve the shape of the shoes, do not leave them near a heater. The best solution is air drying!

Tip #7. Utilize a quality shoe shine: If you desire to extend the living of your footwear, do not forget to get a professional shine along with a pair of exquisite Oxford shoes.  

I hope that this short, but to-the-point article showed you some simple guidelines that will be useful for keeping your shoes in order and increasing their life-span. As I said before, other articles on this blog will explore this topic in more detailed way. Stay in touch!