How to choose a proper pair of shoes?

No doubt, the shoes market is one the most complex and varied directions in e-sales today. Though it may seem quite easy to pick a right pair of shoes, still certain factors have to be taken into account before making a right choice for you! 

Probably, you have already made lots of purchases of shoes for you or your family members. Thus, you are supposed to know that it is not always that simple to make a genuinely right decision.

You may say, that there is no such a thing as a proper or perfect pair of shoes. To some extent it is a right supposition. However, you won't be satisfied if you find out any defects or things that you don't like in the footwear you have just bought! 

That's why, before buying an appealing pair of shoes, consider the following simple tips.


Certainly, this piece of advice may seem as a strange and too obvious thing for the majority of buyers. However, there are still some of them, who do not know, what their size is! So, make sure you know your current shoe size as it may get bigger since your last purchase, especially if you are in your teens. Measure your feet length and width according to the scheme presented below.

Secondly, do not forget to match the shoe size from the country of your origin with the one, where your preferred pair of shoes was produced. This way, you will avoid unnecessary headaches and a waste of time. Feel free to use the following table, which can help you choose the most proper size for you (bear in mind, that the table represents shoe sizes only for males):

The last thing to mention about picking the right shoe size is leaving some space for your toe. It is really important, because otherwise your new bought shoes will be too tight and it won't be able to breath and move. So sometimes, a bit bigger size can do really well for you!

Staying power

Picking a proper pair of shoes is not just about the right size, but also - the right material. I guess, that you won't be pleased if your shoes lose their durability or fall apart after some months of wearing. So, it is entirely up to you to make a little prior research before purchasing footwear.  

Make sure, that in the description of your chosen shoes are such points as oil-resistance, water-resistance, heat-protective and others. The more characteristics of durability they have, the better for you! They will be worn for much bigger time than those, that do not have these important qualities.    

Your personal style 

I don't think, that it must be a hard point to grasp, though some customers are not always aware what style of shoes thy prefer. Actually, there is no right or wrong tip, as it is just a matter of your taste and preference.

The best solution is to try two, three or more variants - casual shoes, boots, sneakers or just some trendy stuff. Eventually, you will decide what's best for you! To each his own, as it's said.      


The last point to be discussed is the price of shoes. It is almost always a deciding factor in making a purchase and the situation doesn't differ a lot when it has to do with footwear. Certainly, everyone decides for himself, what's the priority - the price or the quality (durability) of a product.

However, you should clearly understand, that it is not always easy to find a proper pair of shoes. Moreover, it would be a good idea to look through the reviews of your chosen footwear left by other customers. As obvious as it may seem, but this factor may even be more crucial in choosing appropriate shoes than a low price of a product.