The Best Selection of Mens Dress Shoes

Even nowadays, you can still identify a gentleman by his footwear. Actually, it can be done deliberately or not, but a choice in men’s dress shoes (brogue, Derby or Oxford) may still uncover a man’s character. By looking at him, we can say for sure if he is stylish or not.

Frankly speaking, a great deal of fashion sins can be easily covered by aesthetic and quality dress shoes. On the contrary, pleather knock-offs may undo hundreds of bucks invested into a fashionable suit. Thus, it’s important to see this point right!

To help you make the right decision right, we have decided to uncover the best dress brands and shoes for males today! With a help of the following article you will definitely discover the Do’s and Don’ts of men’s dress footwear. No doubt, it is about genuine quality and being ready to pay!

It’s Worth Buying Quality Shoes

Whereas the biggest part of luxury shoes cost about $400, their longevity, quality and craftsmanship outweigh the price tag. By the words of Ross Poulakis (Harrold’s founder), investing in timeless and lasting shoes is the key, like in every fashion aspect. It’s really hard to disagree with him.  

Whether your clothes are bespoke, luxury dress footwear is created for you! According to Double Monk (a cofounder of a males’ shoe store), if quality shoes are really well fitted, they will mould to your feet in course of time and give you true comfort and support while wearing them!  

Luxury Vs. Cheap

Hand painting, Goodyear welting, hand stitching and exquisite leathers are all common features that point the artisanship which goes in the construction of luxurious shoes.

Whereas ostrich skin and exotic crocodile footwear can be an offer, the most widespread type of leather is cow, calf and Cordovan, which is made from a horse. The full-grain leather kind may be conditioned to remain supple and soft for many years.

Also, it’s highly important to know, how the shoes leather is welted and stitched. The majority of high-end Italian footwear is Blake stitched, which means that they are designed for loafing around in terraces rather than being worn 4-5 days a week for years to come.   

It is not possible to beat English shoemakers for footwear’s durability. This aspect of shoes production goes back in British history: military boots used to be made so that they could be worn for a long time. Sturdiness has always been critical.  

Oxford shoes

It is the most elegant and formal shoe types ever. Oxford footwear stands out of others by closed laces. The shoe laces’ eyelets are situated on the quarters. This is the part of the footwear which uppers and wrap around one’s heel and meet the front.  

Another variation of the Oxford is Derby shoes. It a less formal but still leather type of footwear. Such shoes have quarters with eyelets sewn on the top of the front. The design is open lacing in comparison with the closed kind of the Oxfords.

Those who value traditionalism, the double monk stands alone. The shoes are fastened with two leather straps, but not with laces. They have a metal buckle closure. It’s one of the most favorite things for the males of nowadays.  

Starting with tassels and finishing with penny loafers, the laceless leather footwear is a versatile option. Some people can’t stand at all, but those, who do not, claim this these shoes are perfect when you are in doubt what to put on for a walk. The absence of laces makes loafers very charismatic.

Brogue shoes are classic English footwear with leather patina. It is an excellent option to choose for casual walks and the footwear will be perfect with a cotton jacket, chinos or jeans.