Top 5 Running Shoes-Buying Mistakes

Staffers of many special running stores see how clients are constantly making one and the same mistakes when coming in to purchase running shoes. However, it won’t be you anymore! Here are several very useful tips that can help you avoid the most common odds.

Mistake #1: Buying for appearance. 

Particular runners are really concerned about fashion. In our opinion, it is not the best option to rely on while choosing sneakers. They often tend to get a shoe which looks cool. However, eventually they get disappointed with their decision and then they come back to a store and complain that the sneakers hurt them and have a bunch of problems with them. So, you are highly recommended to trust your feelings, not fashion.  

Mistake #2: Not haggling over the price. 

That is what most customers avoid doing or even do not think to do at all. So, when you are about to pay for the desirable pair of shoes, ask the seller if he is providing any discounts on them. Special stores offer 10 or 20 percent discounts. Our store sometimes offers special discounts as well, for example when a new consignment of goods arrives or on particular dates. Stay tuned not to miss them!  

Mistake #3: Purchasing too small sneakers. 

This odd can cost rather much: if you choose the shoes that fit tightly, it can lead to black toenails and blisters. This point applies to women in particular, as they are used putting their footwear close-fitting being pickier about the shoes size. Thus, the recommendation is to choose those running sneakers that have enough room in the forefoot (around half an inch), though not sloppy.     

Mistake #4: Buying sneakers at the inappropriate time of day. 

It often occurs when many clients come to stores in the morning and make hasty decisions, saying that they have already found a perfect pair of shoes. After they get back and complain that when they put the sneakers on at 5 o’clock, they squeezed. Do not forget, that feet start to swell in the morning and this process doesn’t stop until around 4 p.m. That’s why, take the measure of your feet and purchase shoes only in the evening.

Mistake #5: Relying on your size. 

People tend to believe that any size is a size. And it will be the same anywhere you go – whether it is a Nike store or a New Balance one. However, shoe sizes do differ due to various lasts, another shape of the upper and how the footwear is stitched together. Get your foot measured every time you purchase sneakers! Should you have any questions concerning your size pick, feel free to get a no-cost consultation from our store’s assistant.   

Some final remarks.

When you go to make a purchase of sneakers, do not forget to take the socks, shoes and inserts which you have used so far. This way you will be able to make a precise evaluation of how the new running sneakers will suit your feet.  

Remember, that ideally shoes for running should be changed every 400-500 miles. Thus, put down the date when you purchased them in your diary or notes and when you put them on for the first training.